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We Cannot Succeed When Half of Us Are Held Back

Today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day and honour the achievements of women, past and present, I wanted to share a new discovery with you. 

A podcast called Startup Pregnant.

In a world where leaders and start-up founders are predominantly male, topics such as motherhood and even more so pregnancy are extremely rare, especially about how they fit in with the world of work.

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Find Your True North of Generativity

When the “True North” of your purpose doesn’t just lead back to you, you are grounding your self-worth in creating a better world for others. It is what psychologist Erik Erikson called “generativity.” Simply put, it means giving to the next generation.

As society becomes ever more insular and virtual pleasures replace real-life hardships, it is understandable why most people are tempted to put themselves first.

However, with this self-obsession comes a serious mental health warning:

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Customer Service Will Transform Thanks to Amazon Go

Grab-and-go shopping was unveiled in the first Amazon Go store in Seattle in January. Staffed checkouts were relegated to the retail dustbin, but somehow it seemed that there weren’t many store staff around either. In a tiny store with only a few hundred SKUs, it isn’t so hard to keep up the required merchandising standards, but how will this concept work in a bigger store?

Will the staff move from the checkouts to the aisles? How will this change the feel of the shopping experience? Most importantly, what is the benefit for the customer?

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