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Based in the heart of London, HVO Search is the provider of bespoke executive search and intelligence services to global clients within digital, retail, consumer and technology industries.

We advise our clients on recruiting exceptional leaders as well as help build the senior management teams across all functions.

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Customer Service Will Transform Thanks to Amazon Go

Grab-and-go shopping was unveiled in the first Amazon Go store in Seattle in January. Staffed checkouts were relegated to the retail dustbin, but somehow it seemed that there weren’t many store staff around either. In a tiny store with only a few hundred SKUs, it isn’t so hard to keep up the required merchandising standards, but how will this concept work in a bigger store?

Will the staff move from the checkouts to the aisles? How will this change the feel of the shopping experience? Most importantly, what is the benefit for the customer?

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Automated Retail Demands All-Rounder Leaders

Implementing technology demands cross-functional collaboration.

In a retail industry where (for example) the commercial department might not talk too much with the operations team, the boundaries are being stripped down. To deliver the best service to the customer, multiple stakeholders are being forced to view the business through each others’ eyes.

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Time’s Up: Condé Nast and eBay Partner With Anti-Sexual Harassment Movement

Twenty-seventeen was a dark year for showbiz. Revelation after revelation showed that the world’s most glamorous industry was plagued by sexism and the widespread abuse of power. By coming forward, victims and survivors of sexual abuse started a movement – one that aims to end sexual harassment, not just in Hollywood, but in every workplace. This movement was reified by Time’s Up, an organisation demanding an end to sexual assault. And now it has the support of Condé Nast and eBay.

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  • Maria is excellent at rapidly working through business requirements and, more importantly, at providing creative ideas on how to source them.

    Fabrizio Napolitano Partner - Deloitte
  • HVO Search has done an outstanding job for Michael Kors, helping us to build a part of our international team with highly talented people.

    [Maria's] honesty, integrity and commitment to service make her an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Cedric Wilmotte SVP - Michael Kors, Europe
  • Maria has helped us recruit the corner stone of our UK operation in an amazing short period of time.

    Really plug and play!

    Gustavo García Brusilovsky Co-Founder & CEO, Klikin (former CEO & co-Founder, BuyVIP)
  • [Maria's] understanding goes beyond assessing skills and experience, she has a great feel for talent.

    Peter Skelton Commercial Director - Quiksilver, Europe
  • What I love, after all the exhaustive work of searching for that special candidate and finally placing them, is to see them flourish and really come into their own within our clients’ organizations.

    Maria Hvorostovsky Director - HVO Search
  • With her no-nonsense approach, ability to unearth the best talent, and ensure they truly fit the business, I would highly recommend Maria.

    Stephen Le Bot HR Director Europe - Quiksilver, Europe
  • [Maria] has been indispensable in bringing exceptional talent who today are making our business successful. And she is fun to work with.

    Nicolas Foulet General Manager, Digital & Entertainment - Quiksilver, Europe
  • Working with Maria has been a pleasure – not only does she get the job done with efficiency, professionalism and business acumen but she also executes with sensitivity and respect.

    Simon Whitehouse CEO - JW Anderson
  • Maria understands our business objectives, the brand, culture and whilst being incredibly professional really gets what makes people and teams 'click'. 

    John Harman Managing Director, Calvin Klein, Italy
  • In a business where you are only as good as your last placement, where real candidates are as scarce as real opportunities, I wanted HVO Search to stand out. To be relevant to the industries it serves. And I strongly believe this can only be achieved by remaining bespoke and by focusing on what really matters to our selected clients.

    Maria Hvorostovsky Director - HVO Search
  • Every search firm has a "global network", "a talent pool". Nothing really new here. But what I really do love about my job, and what I try to put at the core of any search, is understanding what the client wants to achieve, how he/she wants to grow and what the candidate must really bring.

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